Welcome to the website of Guildford based guitarist Russell Jarrett. Russell offers tuition to students of all levels, on both acoustic and electric instruments, and performance for all occasions.

Private Lessons

I have taught guitar for over 15 years, in Belgium, Canada and the UK, as a visiting guitar tutor in state and independent schools, as resident tutor within musical instrument shops and simply as a private tutor in my own home. I offer lessons to students of all levels, and teach most styles - jazz, blues, rock, folk, classical etc. I am based in Guildford and currently teach at my house, or occasionally I visit students in their homes. My students include both acoustic and electric players and range from young (and old) beginners to experienced guitarists and everything in between.

My approach

is very much geared towards the individual student, concentrating on areas of greatest interest to them, while developing their ability and ensuring that good progress is made. I encourage improvisation and experimentation and try to develop students understanding of music generally, not just the guitar. I don’t insist on students learning to read music - I use both standard notation and tablature, but standard notation is required for young beginners and classical players.

With young beginners

I work with a method book to learn to read music, master the basics and develop good technique. I also use separate handouts with familiar songs, exercises and examples. I recommend that young children start on a nylon string acoustic guitar, which is gentler on the fingers than steel strings or electric guitar, and develops strength, good technique and an understanding of how to produce a good, clear tone.

For adult beginners

I focus initially on building chord knowledge and strumming confidence, and simple single note melody lines, using well-known tunes from the 60s to the present day. Those interested in learning classical guitar will also learn to read music. For others I use tablature unless notation is specifically requested.

Players with some experience

may have any number of areas which interest them. Some may want to focus on acoustic guitar playing, developing strumming patterns, picking techniques and chordal knowledge. For electric players with more knowledge I encourage a lot of improvisation, and urge students to explore the guitar, to develop their ear and to gain an understanding of music theory. As students progress we look at different scales, more complex chord forms and explore new techniques and musical styles. For classical players I use the Trinity/Guildhall syllabus, and for modern styles the Rockschool series if a conventional graded approach is suitable.

For advanced players

as well as furthering technical ability, I teach theory, harmony, improvisation, composition and arranging and aim to give an overall understanding of the fretboard. For jazz players I teach all styles - Standards, Be-bop, fusion, contemporary, gypsy jazz etc. 


About me
I’ve been working professionally as a guitarist, both teaching and performing, for around 20 years. I studied at Berklee College of Music in the US and have lived and worked in music in the Belgium, Canada and the UK.
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I can provide music for a variety of occasions from private and corporate functions to hotel or restaurant entertainment and music festivals and concert performances.
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Take a listen to Russell’s guitar duo

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I teach from my home in Guildford. My fees are 40 per hour, 30 per three quarter hour or 20 per half hour.

Email: russell@guildfordguitar.co.uk           Phone:  07951 673253   /  01483 451158